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Outsourcing In-Frames?

A common question we get is; Should I outsource my in-frame?  Our answer is always going to be yes as long as you bring it to our shop. That is our business after all. In this blog we will look at the actual benefits of outsourcing your in-frame.  A lot of companies...

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How Air Brakes Work

First, the air compressor pumps air into the trucks air storage tanks, or reservoirs. That air is then pumped through the air brake lines where it eventually reaches the air brake. On most “S-Cam” brake systems, when you push the brake pedal on the truck, air pressure...

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Most Common Winter Breakdowns

As the temperature drops, We at Foothills group start to notice an increased amount of vehicles being booked in with similar symptoms. In this blog we will go through and look at these common issues, and what causes them.  1.) Windshield Wiper Motor Failure During the...

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