A common question we get is; Should I outsource my in-frame? 

Our answer is always going to be yes as long as you bring it to our shop. That is our business after all. In this blog we will look at the actual benefits of outsourcing your in-frame. 

A lot of companies that we deal with have their own shop. But they insist that their in-frames are done in a different facility. There are a couple main reasons for this. 

Time: An in-frame is a lengthy repair and can clog up a bay for a few days and even longer if you have other little repairs to do on other fleet vehicles. If you have a smaller shop this can take up a huge amount of space and limit you to what else you can accomplish. 

Tooling: In-Frames require specific tooling and if your shop is not set up to handle these types of repairs chances are that you wont have the correct tooling. Because an in-frame is not something that is that common a lot of the time is does not make sense to get the proper tooling either. 

Warranty: When we do an in-frame we offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. This is not something that you would get if you did the in-frame yourself. 

These are some of the reasons to outsource your next in-frame. We hope you choose us to help you out with this when it comes up.